SOLO HUNTER TV Season SEVEN - Featuring ALL THIRTEEN Episodes of the 2016 Broadcast Season

SOLO HUNTER TV Season SEVEN - Featuring ALL THIRTEEN Episodes of the 2016 Broadcast Season

DOWNLOAD – ALL 13 original EPISODES of Season SEVEN on VHX

7.1 Desert Velvet – Archery Mule Deer in NV with Tim Burnett
7.2 Hawaiian Hot Spot – Axis Deer in HI with Remi Warren
7.3 Bond of Brothers – Antelope and Elk in MT with Boyd Burnett
7.4 Battle of the Bulls – Archery Elk Hunt in ID with Tim Burnett
7.5 Mind over Matter – Archery Elk Hunt in ID with Tim Burnett
7.6 Forest of Fire – Rifle Mule Deer Hunt in ID with Remi Warren

7.7 Trophy Places – Blacktail Deer Hunt in OR with Gritty Bowmen Brian Call
7.8 Rad Dad – Rifle Caribou Hunt in AK with Remi and Dan Warren
7.9 Rut Chaser – Midwest Whitetail Hunts with Stacy Chester
7.10 Ice Breaker Buck – Late Season Rifle Mule Deer in MT with Tim Burnett
7.11 Nomad Hunter – Archery Fallow Deer in NZ with Remi Warren
7.12 All Sweat No Tears – Aoudad Sheep hunt in TX with Tim Burnett
7.13 Bowhunters Dream – Javelina and Aoudad hunt in TX with Boyd Burnett

*DISCLAIMER - These episodes will be uploaded to the SOLO HUNTER YouTube Channel, ONE episode per month, approximately SIX months after their initial posting to VHX. FREE for streaming.

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SOLO HUNTER TV Season SEVEN - Featuring ALL THIRTEEN Episodes of the 2016 Broadcast Season

14 Videos

  • SOLO HUNTER 7 Show Open

  • SOLO HUNTER 7.1 Desert Velvet

    Tim Burnett is hunting the remote northern deserts of Nevada. He has found a bachelor group of bucks hanging out in the wide open spaces. It's as hot as hell with little shade but he's got the buck he wants at 30 yards.

  • SOLO HUNTER 7.2 Hawaiian Hot Spot

    Remi Warren is the stereotypical nomad hunter. He now finds his temporary home in the islands of Hawaii. With plenty of wild game to pursue Remi is right at home living off the land and being the top predator.

  • SOLO HUNTER 7.3 Bond of Brothers

    Introducing the other brother. Boyd is Tim's younger and more energetic brother. A predator like no other Boyd has the ability to turn on the kill switch at any moment. But can he do it with a camera in tow? We will see.

  • SOLO HUNTER 7.4 Battle of the Bulls

    Tim Burnett has successfully killed a bull elk with his bow for the last 3 years in a row. But now he is only after a 6x6 or better. The frustrations are high but Tim is on the largest bulls of his career. Will he connect yet again?

  • SOLO HUNTER 7.5 Mind over Matter

    With a few misses under his belt over the last week of hunting Elk, Tim has returned back to find the largest bull he has ever hunted. He has elk all around him and several bulls in shooting distance but it’s the big boy or nothing.

  • SOLO HUNTER 7.6 Forest of Fire

    Remi Warren is on a remote hunt for Mule Deer in the mountains of Idaho. October can be a difficult time to find a good buck in this area and the deer densities are low but Remi is hungry. And only the heart of a Mule Deer will suffice him.

  • SOLO HUNTER 7.7 Trophy Places

    The Gritty Bowmen Brian Call has been on a quest for a truly mature Colombian Blacktail Deer for nearly a decade. That drive has evolved into more than just hunting for deer. Quality management, habitat restoration, property preservation and love of the land.

  • SOLO HUNTER 7.8 Rad Dad

    After 5 seasons with SOLO HUNTER Remi finally gets the chance to drag is dad out on a filmed hunt. Remi and his dad Dan share an epic adventure in Alaska together and come out with an amazing Caribou Bull and a great story to share.

  • SOLO HUNTER 7.9 Ice Breaker Buck

    Tim Burnett is deep into the roughest hunting season of his career. Its mid November and he has yet to notch a tag. The weather in Montana is bitter cold and wet but he is as resolved as ever to put a Mature Mule Deer Buck in the truck.

  • SOLO HUNTER 7.10 Nomad Hunter

    Remi Warren is back on the Island. The famed South Island of New Zealand. He has made this area one of his many nomadic homes and is back to see what new species and epic adventures he can find.

  • SOLO HUNTER 7.11 Old Man of the Desert

    Although it looks like Tim is the old man of the desert, he is actually after a legendary buck that has been rumored to have been in the area. To date noone has any proof that this buck exists other than some local folk lore. But Tim had success here last season on a 200" Flyer buck. And he's wil...

  • SOLO HUNTER 7.12 Bowhunters Dream

    Brother Boyd is on the hunt for a DIY Free Range Aoudad Sheep and Javelina in South Western Texas. It's hot and dry and the bands of Rams have split off from the herd. Carying his Longbow and Rifle to hunt down anything that is lucky enough to find.

  • SOLO HUNTER 7.13 Sweat and no Tears

    Tim Burnett is on the Texas and Mexico border in the early spring. Temperatures are already reaching the 90's and forecast to hit 100. A DIY Free Range Aoudad Ram is the goal but will the high temperatures and rigors of an already difficult season slow Tim down?